Mantel Präzisionswerkzeuge turns into nobatec.
New name. New possibilities. Quality, true to its roots.

Mantel Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH, founded back in 1988, specialized in the in-house manufacture of special tools made of carbide metal, HSS, CBN and PKD for the chip-cutting metalworking industry. As the years progressed, Mantel developed into a problem-solver for the machining and chip-cutting sector, producing special tools and fixtures for various sectors including the furniture business, the automotive sector and the mechanical engineering industry.   

In 2013, a new era has dawned for us. We are becoming bigger, more modern and even more flexible. An important evolutionary step that we are implementing consistently at all levels:

Mantel Präzisionswerkzeuge from Mönchweiler is transforming itself into nobatec, a company based in Niedereschach. With immediate effect, we are working there in our newly constructed production and administration building on optimum solutions ranging from the bespoke one-off item to volume production components for use in the sectors of tool systems and mechanical engineering systems.

And even though our name and location may have changed - our customers and partners can be reassuringly certain that the core values of our company are being retained, and lived out to the full on a daily basis: the highest standards of quality, constructive dialog and a passion for artisan craftsmanship of a caliber now encountered only seldom in this industry, but which has a deep-rooted tradition in our region that extends back, and has been honored consistently, over many generations.
This combination of tradition and loyalty to home roots is also reflected in our new company name. There are indeed good reasons for choosing the name nobatec - derived from abnoba, the Latin word for the Black Forest.