Shaped cutting tips

Producing at higher speeds in a more rational manner to first-class standards of quality.
Shaped cutting tips from nobatec..

From the V-Lock reversible cutting tip to CRP and TCP and on out to tool-changing system "nobatec" and solid carbide metal tools - when you operate with solutions from nobatec, you produce more cost-effectively and to a higher standard, and within a shorter time frame. A virtually unbeatable combination with which you can stand head and shoulders above the competition. 

V-Lock   CRP   TCP
 0070 V-Lock-Platten 1
   0008 CRP 1
   0062 TCP 1
Plunge-cutting and reversible tool tips   Tool-changing system "nobatec"   Standard reversible tool tips with special profile
stech wendeschneidplatten 1
Sheet steel and ingot mold steel