Shaped drills

nobatec produces a vast gamut of shaped drills - specially adapted to suit the stipulations of our customers. Here, the focus is on achieving fast machining times and optimum quality.

•    Solid carbide metal or soldered carbide metal
•    With or without coating

•    Clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation
•    With or without internal cooling lubricant

A highlight of our range of shaped drills is the step drill. We are exactly the right partner for you, especially for multi-edged step drills. Our tools are developed on the basis of many years of experience. Every time, we design workpiece and material to suit individual customer specifications, enabling you to benefit from optimum production times and high levels of process reliability.

Your benefits:

•    High-performance and cost-effective production with minimized machine downtime
•    Optimized functionality and faster machining times
•    Individual, sharply focused advice directly from nobatec

Among other things, here is what we can produce for you:

•    Spiral drills
•    Four-lipped drills
•    Gun drills
•    Flat drills
•    Short-hole full-depth drills
•    Full-hole full-depth drills
•    Shaped spiral drills
•    Steep-groove drills
•    Shaped drills
•    Shaped millers
•    Stylus drills
•    Tapping millers
•    Shaped countersink drills