High-speed rotary cutter blades

for ball roller spindles, trapezoidal threaded spindles or special threaded spindles.

Over the last two decades, our company has been involved in the production of threaded high-speed rotating tools of this kind. The outcome is that our tools are capable of withstanding extreme loadings, are resistant to mechanical wear and deliver maximum service lives and the highest standards of productivity.

First and foremost, the outstanding feature of our tools is the use of CBN (cubic boron nitride), an exceptionally robust material. CBN is a synthetic material made from the elements of boron and nitrogen.

The preferred form of use for CBN is wherever rough machining is anticipated to involve high mechanical cutter loadings and high temperature stresses. These tools are particularly well suited to the machining of hard types of casting and of heat-resistant alloys. These for example include hardened steel, cast iron and hard coatings. The CBN content in combination with a ceramic bonding agent delivers improved resistance to mechanical wear as well as chemical stability. There are good reasons why CBN is gradually advancing into the fields of round, profile and contour-grinding operations.

The benefits of CBN

•    Extreme hardness
•    High ductile strength
•    High thermal conductivity
•    High levels of temperature resistance up to 2000° C
•    Thermally stable up to and above 1200° C
•    High level of abrasion resistance – CBN is relatively brittle, but tougher and harder than cutting ceramics
•    Compared to other cutting materials, tools wear a great deal more slowly
•    Better form integrity and dimensional precision
•    High chemical stability during the chip-cutting process

nobatec manufactures all of its high-speed rotary tools - including profiles and their brackets. Thanks to this in-house production, we are extremely flexible, particularly in respect of our delivery lead times.